Solar Batteries

UBL Solar batteries are durable black polypropylene deep cycle batteries and come in the following sizes; EB50 50AHEB70 70AH EB 130 130AH and, EB200 200AH.

These batteries are made of lead and antimony and are designed for cyclic use and application/ deep cycle operations but not to be used in automobiles.These batteries were tested and proven to have a capacity condition above 90% of rated capacity.

UBL Solar battery Applications;

Radios, Television, Lighting houses and farm houses and Charging Phones.They are suitable for solar cell energy storage system not auto mobiles.

They work well with inverters, solar panels and charge controllers and with these, the battery doesn’t need a boost charge.

They also work well in direct EB applications where no inverters, solar panels and charge controllers are used;here you will need to charge the battery once the battery is discharged. It should be charged at 10A maximum for 10-16 hours for acid strength to be at 1.250.

Caution! Do not change nor pour out acid from the battery.

It is important for the user (customer) to know the requirements of the maintenance and operation of the cyclic application in which the right operation and maintenance would maximize the efficiency of the battery as designed.

Distributor Channels; these batteries are available in all UBL outlets country wide.

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