Automotive Batteries

We offer Lead Acid Automotive Batteries in a wide range of varying capacities from as low as 36AH to a high of 200AH all designed to cater for the varying needs of our clients. Notable advantages of these batteries are that they are: low cost – pocket friendly; offer a long service life (if maintained well by the user); easy to recharge when completely discharged.

These Batteries are currently available as either:

1. Low – Maintenance Batteries:

These are available in: NS.40 – (36AH), NS.60 – (45AH), N.50 – (50AH), N.50.Z – (65AH), N.70.Z – (75AH), N.100 – (100AH), N.120 – (120AH), N.150 – (150AH) and N.200 – (200AH) Battery sizes; in either of these two (2) states/types; that is;

Dry Charge Batteries – these require a user to fill-up all battery cells with mixed acid of S.G.-1.25 before the first use and have a one (1) year recommended shelf-life (this may be extended by filling it and then charging it before use);

Wet Charge Pre-filled Batteries – these come pre-filled from the factory and are ready for immediate use without the need to top-up with mixed acid before the first use and have a six (6) months recommended shelf-life (this may be extended by charging it first before use);

Both of these Battery types require regular check-up by the user (preferably at every periodic engine servicing) and they may be required to regularly top-up with deionized water (never top-up with acid as this destroys the Battery and this would render your warranty void) depending on the pattern of usage.

2. Sealed Maintenance – Free Batteries:

These are currently available at our factory outlet in the: NS.60 – (45AH), NS.70 – (65AH), N.70.Z – (80AH), DIN-88 – (88AH), DIN-100 – (100AH), and N.100 – (100AH) Battery sizes.

Our Batteries (depending on your capacity requirements) can suit the following Applications;

  1. High Current drain applications;
  2. Automotive and traction applications;
  3. Standby/Backup/Emergency power for electrical installations;
  4. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) Power Banks;
  5. Lighting (also see Solar Batteries);
  6. Sealed battery types are available for use in portable equipment.

Our Batteries carry a one (1) year warranty with a free replacement (within the first six (6) months) for failure due to faults arising out of manufacturing defects and a pro-rated replacement for the failures occurring within the remaining six (6) months of the warranty period (except N.70.Z for commercial vehicle application which carries a six (6) months warranty).


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