Uganda batteries Limited drags rival to court over alleged imitation
May 22, 2019
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August 20, 2019

Court stops production of Nile Batteries over trademark infringement

Court has halted the production and sale of batteries produced by Nile Batteries Limited (NBL) on claims that they infringe on a trademark registered and owned by Uganda Batteries Limited (UBL).

In a May 3 injunction issued by Justice Anna B Mugyeni, NBL was ordered to stop the production of its batteries until when the main suit is disposed of.

“A temporary injunction does issue restraining the respondent [NBL] from dealing with the batteries marked NBL and Nile Batteries warranty cards in any way including continuing to manufacture, produce, sell and distribute the said batteries and warranty cards, products and material until the disposal of the main suit,” the injunction reads in part.

In February, UBL dragged NBL to court seeking to, among others, temporarily stop the company from manufacturing, selling and distributing its batteries under the NBL brand.
The lawsuit, UBL said in court documents, had been informed by excessive imitation of its battery features by NBL, which had been protected from being used by third parties.



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