Our Approach

Customer satisfaction
The focus of our services is to add value. We offer the kind of service the clients need (rather than offering whatever products we have). We take pride in our customer service team that ensures that the customer is number one priority.

Innovative Battery solutions

We use modern and scientific methods and tools to achieve efficiency and effectiveness such as our state of the art Manufacturing facility and modern laboratory. As a responsible producer, Uganda Batteries Limited buys back all used batteries as scrap not only for environmental clean-up but also for examination and analysis in further search for continual improvement as well as providing a cheaper source of raw materials to make products cheaper and affordable.

Professionalized Services

We ensure courteous and professional relationships at all times. We have internal audit checks and a strong tracking system to ensure the required procedures are followed and documentation of all our transactions available.We offer a set of Quality Assurance principles, policies and procedures that guide Quality Control.

Quality Practices

Our activities and work methods are process driven and are subject to quality controls. Batteries are made while adhering to International Quality Standards. The company drive for quality was first recognized in 1998 when Uganda Batteries Ltd was the first local company in Uganda to be certified in the International Quality standards of ISO-9002 series.

Our commitment to quality is further demonstrated by the warranty of 12 months against manufacturing defects given on all our batteries. Our quality slogan is “TOWARDS ZERO DEFECTS AND ZERO WASTAGE“. We respect the timelines agreed and keep the customers advised of the progress of their orders.

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